young blood || mini`ALO

The bathroom door closed a few seconds after the last message was sent to her. Mini continued to lay on her stomach and surf the internet. The water could be heard now, and Alo would be out in about fifteen minutes. By that time she still would be nowhere near ready. Sitting up, she rubbed at the back of her neck. After contacting Ryan the first time, they would have a date night every week – sometimes even twice. But after he moved into her flat, she felt more self-conscious with herself. There would be no break time to try and work off what she had eaten. Almost immediately, he was told that they could no longer go out to eat. He didn’t complain and neither did she. But with Alo around, there was no way that would be allowed to go on. The ginger haired male enjoyed stuffing her full of high-calorie food. And she ate it, because it made him happier.

Shaking her head, she stood. One of Alo’s t-shirts hung loosely from her small frame. She didn’t want to think about eating, about him asking her everyday what she had eaten, or anything of that sort. It was bad enough that they were going out so late for him to be shoving her face with food. Leaning forward, she selected a song from her iTunes to get ready to. Knowing her boyfriend’s taste in music, she made sure the volume was up all the way when Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me” started playing.

Her body swayed as she made her way to her closet. Upon opening the door, her hand moved to flip the switch on the inside of the wall. Endless amounts of clothes hung before her, a couple of tags remaining attached to the clothes poking out. As she stepped inside, her fingers danced along the many fabrics. Everything was organized by colour, and the place looked like rainbows fornicated perfectly. Because Alo had already cleared her planned outfit, she snagged a billowing black shirt, a jacket of the same colour with gold links on the edges and her gold shorts that gave off the appearance of a skirt. As she returned to her bed, she tossed them onto her mattress before stripping completely.

She scanned her body in the vanity mirror as she approached it. Mini pulled down on the skin under her eyes, examining the state of the imaginary bags underneath them. Her hands released her skin to carefully pull her blonde locks into a neat bun; strangling strands were used to frame her face. Opening the side drawer, she pulled out a light pink lipstick ( and not because that was Alo’s favorite kind because that would have made it gay. ) Mini decided that the black liner should be lightly done, although she made sure to get her fill of mascara. God how she loved mascara.

The air in her room was starting to become too cold for her nude flesh. With an exaggerated yawn, she hopped up and bounced about, still moving to the beat of Justin Bieber. The combination of black and lace always excited her boyfriend, so her bras and panties would reflect it. After covering her bases, she finished of getting dressed.

“Alo!” she called out. He was no doubt watching something stupid on the telly. “Alo!” she repeated a bit annoyed, as she finished slipping on her heels. A final “farmboy” was called out.